Bando Turkey who is Market Leader Met Its Dealers

Bando Turkey who is Market Leader Met Its Dealers

Bando Turkey who is Market Leader Met Its Dealers

Classic V-Belts, Cogged V-Belts and Automotive Belts are manufacturing in Bando Turkey Plant.

Bando Turkey has market-leading position within 40% rate for industrial products.
For automotive products, Bando Turkey has partnership with manufacturer or master distributor companies who are especially Toyota, Otokar, Isuzu, Türk Traktör, Erkunt Traktör, Başak Traktör, Honda ve Karsan. We continue to work for automotive market-leading position as well industrial sector. Bando products are exported all over the World, especially German, Spain, Japan, America.

Participants from various cities of Turkey gathered at the Bando Turkey Plant.

Bando Turkey brought together the Japanese Manager of the Bando with new industrial dealers. Kazuyuki Nishikawa  of Bando Turkey President  made the opening speech program. The seminar was listened with interest by the dealers.

Dealer meeting did have the requisite slide presentation. After the lunch held at the factory, the program continued in Crown Plaza-Viaport. In his speech, Kenan Kamil Kaptan who is General Manager of Sales and Marketing; He gave general information about Global Bando. Describing the profitable sales techniques, the commercial relations between the dealer and producer Bando, Mr.Kaptan also touched on issues such as regular customer visits, intensification of sectoral-based work, how to make annual planning, stock management, customer satisfaction. Mitsutaka Yoshii who is Bando Company CEO also gave general information dealers about the company's position in the global market. Describing the medium-term goals of the company in his speech, Mr. Yoshii emphasized the importance of making production all over the world as a multinational company.


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