SUNLINE™ Conveyor Belts

Sunline conveyor belt is made of light and soft resin for the lightweighted material. Easy to operate, clean, and space saving. Launched in 1973 as the first domestic resin belt, our belts were widely accepted both domestic and global market. Adding various application to the belt will have multifunctional functions besides simply conveying. We offer the optimal belt for the application you request.


  • Wide selection available
  • High Performance "F Series" for food conveyance
  • "M Series" for logistics (material distribution) / general purpose conveyance
  • Multi-use "S Series"
  • Cleats and guides can be fabricated upon request
  • Super Sunline Belts seamless, precision conveyance, long life, wide selection and including non-fray


  • Food, baggage, boxes, componenets, bulk, lumber, plywood, fibers, paper, gaming machines, medical equipment


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