(CVT) Belts

(CVT) Belts

Since the commencement of mass-production and delivery in 1998, we have produced more than 300,000 CVT belts for lightweight cars. Since then, our BANDO AVANCE has also been adopted for use in CVT units of large scooters. With ongoing mass-production and delivery, we continue to conduct research to further improve belt performance.


  • Highly efficient power transmission
  • The belt’s grip on the pulley is so firm that slippage is almost totally eliminated
  • The low-heat generating structure enables full-capacity engine utilization, thus
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Low noise
  • Smooth transmission allows calm and quiet driving
  • Minimal heat generation, so power can be transmitted without cooling accessories, which simplifies the structural design, and allows light weight automatic transmission


  • Scooters, CVT Transmission etc.


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