C-STRETCH® is a completely new type of sensor which can measure large deformation and elongation of curved surfaces which current technology could not be measured before. The sensor itself stretches and contracts, sensing the objects deformation visibly. It can provide solutions to those issues which could not be addressed with current sensors.


  • This stretch sensor features low hardness combined with rubber elasticity.
  • Thanks to the simple mechanism, almost no handover occurs during measurement.
  • The sensor itself stretches and contracts quickly.
  • Low hysteresis characteristics.
  • Able to track and measure high-speed movement.
  • Uses an elastomer material with excellent flexibility.
  • Can flexibly track a wide range of movement and be installed almost anywhere.
  • Can be installed on curved and flexible surfaces.
  • Provides accurate measurement up to 200% elongation.
  • Reduces the uncomfortable feel when installed on the body.
  • Utilizes a direct measurement method using electrostatic capacitance.
  • Features high detection accuracy and high linearity both when elongated and contracted.
  • Accurate measurement both when elongated and contracted.
  • Provides quantitative measurement in all directions.
  • Maintains reproducibility even at repeated measurements.
  • Delivers high-precision measurement of low-frequency movement.
  • Measurement of natural movement during exercise
  • Measurement of deformation of clothing and other items
  • Development of new types of sense-operated controllers
  • Sensing of locations where measurement was impossible
  • New operating interfaces
  • Development of safe and accurate control technologies
  • High-accuracy measurement and investigation of body parts
  • Precision control of medical and nursing care devices
  • Development of new support devices


  • Medical and nursing care fields
  • Robotics and manufacturing IoT fields
  • Sports and entertainment fields

IIf you want to try it,
       Please request the "Trail Kit"!

A trail kit containing the sensor element, transmitter, special software, and necessary items is available for sale for use in evaluations during new product development.

This kit may not be available in some regions. Please contact us for detail.


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