Power Scrum™
(3V, 5V, 8V)

Power Scrum™
(3V, 5V, 8V)

Individual V-belts joined with tie bands provide stability and uniform load distribution


  • Available in Power Ace types and V-Belt types
  • The tie band permanently bonds multiple belts together to prevent belts from flipping over in the pulley groove on high impact drives
  • High ratio reduction gear drives can be replaced with flat to V pulley drives for inexpensive, low noise power transmission
  • Can also be used for conveyance


  • Machinery with pulsating loads (piston pumps, crushers, screens, etc.)
  • Machinery with shock loads (grinders, crushers, hammer mills, reciprocating saws, chippers, etc.)
  • Machinery with vertical shaft drives (liquid agitators, centrifuges, mixers, etc.)


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