Rib Ace™ II
(PJ, PK, PL)

Rib Ace™ II
(PJ, PK, PL)

V-ribbed belts with high-power transmission capabilities


  • Power transmission can be downsized to allow for small pulley diameter of 50 mm
  • High-power transmission (up to a belt speed of 50 m/s)
  • The ribs are formed by grinding, so transmission is smooth and vibration-free
  • Narrower than V-belts for efficient power transmission, with little power loss due to bending stresses
  • Compared with V-belts, there is little belt deformation and the belt does not settle into the pulley groove
  • Less maintenance than V-belts, as tension is better maintained


  • Industrial machinery requiring compact, high-speed transmission, such as NC lathes, bench grinders, floor buffers, etc.


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