W600, W800 and W1000 Agricultural V-Belts
(SA, SB, SC)

W600, W800 and W1000 Agricultural V-Belts
(SA, SB, SC)

High performance agricultural V-belts with high load power transmission capability


  • Bando W600: Improved durability and transmission capability featuring a wide angle weave, fiber loaded rubber and laminated fabric
  • Bando W800: Superior transmission capability, durability, and anti-shock load characteristics featuring an aramid cord and heat-resistant rubber
  • Bando W1000: Modified high abrasion resistant fabric cover for improved wear properties over the W800 series
  • Can be used in harsh operating environments, with excellent resistance to heat, bending and shock
  • High transmission capacity about 2 times Red SII
  • Long service life in reverse bending applications about 4 times Red SII
  • Extremely durable in severe applications about 3 times the shock service life of Red SII


  • Various types of agricultural machinery
  • Ideal for high load applications, such as tractors, combine harvesters and rice planting machinery


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